Conference and Seminars

Triada, Ltd. has been skilled in organizing conferences, workshops and other similar events intended for promoting ICT to local and regional public administration authorities and including them into benefits provided by information society development.


The Internet in Public Administration/Local and Regional Information Society Conference (ISSS/LORIS) is the most important conference in this field in the Czech Republic and CEEC. The Conference, held for the first time in 1998, takes place in Prague and Hradec Kralove and it is annually attended by 2000 participants–high politicians, representatives of the European Commission, representatives of associations of municipal and regional authorities, stakeholders and other HPRs. The main objective of the conference is to promote the use of the information technologies in public administration in order to enhance the development of high-quality e-government services for citizens and enterprises.

More information on the ISSS/LORIS Conference

The Day of Small Villages

The Day of Small Villages is another regular conference activity by Triada, Ltd., in which about 1000 mayors of small villages meet twice a year to discuss their own specific problems. Mayors have an excellent opportunity to question high ministerial representative, members of parliament and outstanding experts in public administration affairs on immediate problems of small villages in the areas of finance, transport accessibility, grant possibilities and others.