Company Profile

Triada Ltd. was founded in 1991 as a company providing compact information systems for public administration bodies. A crucial point of Triada’s activity is in professional services with emphasis put on individual needs of customers, in accordance with basic requirements for system integration. In addition to permanent staff (25 employees), Triada, Ltd. takes advantage in its network of external analytics, researchers, consultants and trainers. Number of these experts reach 40.

Apart from developing information systems and their implementation, the company is involved publishing. Triada, Ltd. has issued The Municipality and Finance magazine, electronic publication called Solon and The Public Administration Daily News. The company has also organized conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings and other events intended for public administration officials. The most influential event organized by Triada, Ltd. is the Internet in Public Administration/Local and Regional Information Society Conference (ISSS/LORIS). Among others, The Day of Small Villages is an event gathering mayors of small communities from all over the Czech Republic.

All activities performed by Triada, Ltd. are attached to public administration affairs. Therefore the company and its management have been closely involved in dealing with high representatives of ministries and members of parliament, who are primarily affiliated to local and regional policy issues. Triada, Ltd. is continuously called to evaluate and review drafts of new legislative acts related to the issues mentioned above. Triada, Ltd. also closely cooperates with the Union of Towns and Communities of the Czech Republic and takes part in preparation of strategic documents on e-government development in the Czech Republic. Triada, Ltd. representative is the chairman of the Committee for Information systems of Towns and Communities of the Union of Towns and Communities of the Czech Republic and participates in the Council of the Minister of Informatics of the Czech Republic.

Since October 1, 2004 Triada, Ltd. has been a member of the Association for Information Society (SPIS), a prestigious professional organization gathering Czech corporations involved in ICT business. SPIS is a member of the European Information, Communications and Consumer Electronics Technology Industry Associations (EICTA).