This activity by Triada, Ltd. focuses on providing local and regional public administration officials with relevant information on issues resulted from work of local and regional self-governments and other tasks related to municipal and regional management.

Municipality & Finance magazine

Triada has issued municipal magazine called “Obec & finance” (Municipality & Finance). Magazine (5000 copies) is issued five times a year and distributed to all the Czech municipalities and towns and regional authorities. Magazine primarily focuses on representatives of municipalities and towns, public administration institutions and enterprises, which supply public administration with goods and services.

Magazine deals with a large scale of topics, namely it solves issues of local and regional public administration including environmental problems, infrastructure, energy savings, transport, education, house construction, social affairs, culture, regional development and policy and related legislation.

Ministry of Finance News intended for municipalities and regional authorities is a regular part of the magazine.

The Public Administration Online

Magazine’s supplement The Public Administration Online is dedicated to a role of information and communication technologies in public administration at both state and regional and local levels.


Electronic publication Solon developed by Triada, Ltd. and updated four times a year is aimed at every day work of municipal and regional authorities. It includes current versions of legal acts, directives, regulations and methodical advice as well as other important information, documents and directories related to public administration affairs. Especially newly elected municipal representatives, prevailing Solon users, appreciate an easy orientation in the areas pointed out above. Solon backs them up to successfully manage important objectives and duties.

Public Administration Daily News

The Public Administration Daily News is an online newspaper bringing up to date information on current situation in Czech regions and state-level public administration. Special slots are dedicated to the reform of public administration, housing, economy and other important topics. For example, Ministry of Finance News, Official Journal of the Ministry of Agriculture, selected legal acts, public administration information systems standards and other materials are at your disposal in the "Document" slot.

Calendar of Events belongs to the portfolio of the Public Administration Daily News services. It is a reminder informing on dates and venues of upcoming conferences, seminars and exhibitions related to public administration.

Continuous monitoring of public administration web pages is also an important part of the Public Administration Daily News. Primarily, it concerns web pages of the Ministries of Finance, Informatics, Labor and Social Affairs, Regional Development and Environment. Furthermore, the Public Administration Daily News finds important to monitor web pages of the government, parliament, Union of the Towns and Communities, Office for Personal Data Protection and others.